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The Day After

Walking up the long winding stairs to your room
Your lips still sighing from the kiss good bye
Throwing yourself to the bed you hum lightly
The night before……priceless

The feeling you get when you bury your face in the pillow
And still smell him there
Is like nothing you've experienced before
You close your eyes and let his scent dance about you

It slowly starts to pull at you
Embrace you and takes you deeper
It feels like his arms holding you again
You never want this to end

You're back there, the middle of the night
Locked in his hold
It seems as though you look entrapped in his arms
But would you want to escape? No!

The words he whispers tickles your ear
His fingers over your skin, make you shiver in pleasure
Your body, screaming out for him
Yet you can control yourself and enjoy what you receive

Strange how just one sweep of his fingers over your cheek
Sends you back to when you were helplessly in love with him
God you wanted to feel that again
And he's just the person who could bring you there

You open your eyes, the day after
Instead of crying because he returned home
You smile shuddering slightly
He wasn't gone, he was still here, you can feel his arms about you still…


I miss you so much
That not even a million stars in the ebony night sky,
Could remind me of the sparkle of your eyes that relieves my loneliness.

I crave you so badly that the cool night breeze…
Almost feels like your arms embracing me.
A comforting enclosure, but still not you.

I feel so a lone
Without you, there's a void within me
                                                       (That only you can fill)
When you're not around.

Come find me in this endless night, I beckon you.
Let's make the Goddess Artemis envious of what we share
That she wishes her brother Apollo to make the sun rise
To end her jealous suffering.

Who would have ever thought that this could be possible.
You're the only one I'd wait until the end of time for.
Memories are beautiful, but they don't compare to you.

Thank You

You changed my life with kindness
Simply the fact that you remembered my name was good enough
For what seemed like forever, I've come to see you in our meeting place.
You made me laugh, you made me smile.
Until one day…
You eagerly told me of your dreams
They didn't include me, and I didn't expect them to
But you said you were going away…

Now every time I see you, it hurts me more and more.
Knowing you're leaving but not knowing when…
Our meeting place has turned from total bliss to a heart sinking feeling of loneliness.
I want to stay away from there, away from you to avoid the heartache…
But I can't stay away.
You're like a drug that runs through my system making me fiend you.

I always worry about you not being there, not being able to say good-bye…
When you go, you'll take a part of me with you
But will you leave me a piece of you?
I won't even have the memory of your touch…
Only the memory of your smile…
The one thing that kept me going

Winged Savior

Your eyes closed, praying softly for help
When suddenly, you stop short, hanging lifelessly in the air
Your eyes open, and there he is, your savior

So strong, he pulls you up quickly onto his safe plateau
You stand there, bewildered as to who he could be
Suddenly, he wraps his arms around you pulling you into him

A smile etches across your face, happy once again
You occasionally cry over your loss of true first love
But he wipes away your tears