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What is it like to feel your arms around me?
What is it like to feel passions unknown?
What is it like to feel for someone like you?
Can I ever know the answers?
Or will more of these questions arise?

I can always dream of you, if fate won't allow it...
And some how I can always be happy.
Can you?

I'll always wonder what if feels like to have your fingers through my soft auburn hair
And what it's like to lay next to you.
What shivers will I feel when I stare into your eyes?

Lovers that meet in the moonlight of dreams may sound odd or childish to most
But for me, only the real thing would be better
Angel's dust and faerie's glitter always surround us when we hold each other, it's a beautiful sight

You're soft and welcoming eyes and smile draw me to you
Do you know how you affect me so?
Or do you and you like to tease

I can almost feel your lips on my skin
I close my eyes to savor it, relish in the moment
How I desire you without even touching you...

Dreaming never does compare to the real thing
I strive to one day be with the person I dream of
The only question is, do you?