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Schol Family Tree

    Brannil Schol and Verhinn Delyic
      Bandus Anzer Schol and Angela Maroh Yil
        Dillsta Alik Schol and Calatha
        • Seranya-Jade Schol

        Ryma-Elin Schol and Benjamin Monte Cristo
        Ryma-Elin Schol and Demonlord Virik
        Rulin Ylatz Schol and Shera D'Elin
        Rulin Ylatz Schol and Caroline
        Rulin Ylatz Schol and Nori-Alina
        [Rulin Ylatz Schol and Deena-
        Rulin Ylatz Schol and Endora Kitta
          Rulin-Moon Schol and Hina
          Aureulin Himaer Schol and Amazon (Ammy) Starwatcher
          • Aaron Starwatcher Schol

          Iouson and Unknown Spouse

        Invagrane (Gray) Gregor Moirier and Kenna Marr
        • Drayliss Elonor Moirier

      Bandus Anzer Schol and Hexia NightShadow