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Harriet Russell Strong

Once again, the inevitable has occured. I have undercovered another woman who history does not seem to know much about, and I really don't have anyone else of this genre on this list either. This is Harriet Russell Strong.

Harriet Russell Strong of Oakland was born in 1844. She was an engineer and an entrepreneur who had the patent for many different types of dams and water storage systems. She especially believed in water conservation and irrigation of water sources.

During World War I, there was a food shortage. So, in Washington D.C., Harriet proposed a counter plan for the shortage. Her plan was to use the Grand Canyon as a reservoir after detouring the Colorado River into it. However, she was rejected by a Congressional Committee for a reason which Harriet could only assume was because she was female (which it most likely was).

So, from that point forward, Harriet spent the rest of her life fighting for women's rights and water conservation. She died in 1929, history not recording enough of what she was. Once more, my apologies on the brevity of this woman; it could not be helped.

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