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Queen Anne

Anne was born on February 6, 1665, in London, England, the daughter of James II, King of England. In 1672, her father converted to Catholicism, but Anne remained Protestant. In 1683, her marriage was arranged to Prince George of Denmark, and they were married.

In 1688, her father was overthrown by the anti-Roman Catholic Glorious Revolution of 1688. It was called the Glorious Revolution because there was no bloodshed, and Anne's sister, Mary, and her husband, William of Orange, took over the throne. However, William of Orange died in 1702, and Anne became Queen of England.

The first action Queen Anne completed was making the disgraced John Churchill into the duke of Marlborough. Also named the army's captain-general, Marlborough won many victories over the French from 1701 to 1714 in the War of the Spanish Succession, also called Queen Anne's war in the United States. In politics, she favored the Tory party over that of the Whig party, but she first excluded the Tories from office to be fair. In 1710, she stopped this exclusion from office. But perhaps her greatest feat was the fact that during her reign, England and Scotland were at peace with each other and were united.

Anne died on August 1, 1714, in London, England. She was also known for her era of manners and her influential styles of furniture, architecture, clothing, art, and others.

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