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Ariel Hollinshead

"among the most advanced and exciting in the world"
-quote about Ariel Hollinshead's work

My humblest apologies to those out there reading this. I saw a bit of who this woman is and I thought she'd make a great contribution to this list. Although her accomplishments are still strong, I cannot find anything except about two sentences on her. No picture either. No information whatsoever on her in books or on the Internet. It's almost as if she never existed just because she hasn't been recognized, so therefore, not much is known about her. Once more, my deepest apologies for the length of this woman's information.

Ariel Hollinshead was born in 1929. She attended George Washington University, and when she was in her 40's, she developed lung cancer treatments (the page called them "vaccines," but that just doesn't seem right) for the four major types of lung cancer. She also created a low-frequency sound technique used to isolate antigens from membrances of cells.

See? That's all I could find. How pitiful! *wails*

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