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Beatrix Jones Farrand

Beatrix Cadwalader Jones was born in New York on June 19, 1872. In 1893, she began reading, photographing, observing, and writing down details about Bar Harbor, Maine, a place where her family would go each year. She also spent much of her time admiring gardens. From 1890 to 1891, she studied at the Arnold Arboretum, where she learned how to landscape, which was to be her profession. In 1896, her parents divorced, but that did not keep her from starting to be a landscape artist. A year later, in 1897, she designed and constructed a small cemetery in Seal Harbor, Maine. This very well may have been her first actual project. After that, she constructed many gardens, most of them in New York State, but also including the East Gardens for the White House.

In 1912, Beatrix designed the landscape plan for the Graduate College at Princeton. One year later, she met her future husband, Max Farrand. They married on December 17, 1913, yet she still continued with her occupation. In 1914, she was appointed by the University of Princeton as the supervising landscape architect. In 1916, she designed a rose garden for the New York Botanical Gardens, although it was not created until 1989, after her death.

In the 1920's, Beatrix worked at Yale University and in 1923 became its consulting landscape gardner. In 1927, she was named as a member of the Garden Club of Philadelphia.

Beatrix Jones Farrand died in 1959, the first and only femal charter fellow in the ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects). She was a great landscaper whose works will forever be seen and admired.

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