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Notes from the Author

Number of my 100 Important Women I have seen in person and/or communicated with: 1 (Billie Jean King)

All of these women were chosen by my hand out of the multitude of women that lived throughout history. What I found (not surprisingly, although) was that it was VERY hard through the multitude of women to choose only 100. There were SO many women who did SO many things to improve the world's society that I had a really hard time choosing them. I made my choices of who was in my 100 by the accomplishments that they made changing the world, what woman's accomplishments would the world not be the same without, and if I idolize them for their strength and/or accomplishments. And then, I decided that I would write their birth and death dates (if applicable and/or found), their occupation, what they accomplished, and any other miscellaneous information. Oh, and I would also try to include a quote that they said or someone said about them if I can find one, and also a picture, which brings me to my next point.

All of the women I have in my list have pictures included with their articles (which I painstakingly researched and found all over the Internet)... except three. These three all have the same silhouette, further representing my opinion of how women are less recognized and therefore, their pictures are few and hard to find (or I could just be wrong).

I'm always going to feel bad, because I know I will always leave out some woman who truly deserve recognition. If you have a woman whom you think deserves to be recognized, email me her name and why you think she's really important in history, putting the phrase "Your 100 Women" in the subject line so I don't erase your message by mistake, and I will try my best to put her on a page that has names of more important women not included in my list (if I think her fitting of my criteria). Be aware, though, she will not be as widely published as my original women, but will be recognized as well probably with her name and one or two things she accomplished.

Here is a bonus woman who I think deserves a place on this website. She may not have done things that were as important as my 100 women on the first page, but after all she had been through, she had found a way to live on and be happy. I knew of her when she was alive and was thoroughly shocked when I found out she had died. This is my tribute to Maple, so it is written a bit differently than I wrote the others; it has a more personal feeling to it, and I occasionally incorporate my own thoughts into my own writing of her story.

The link listed below for my tribute to Maple contains graphic descriptions and adult content that may not be suitable for young children. Reader discretion is advised. Also a warning on the fact that this may cause flashbacks to people who have undergone similar trauma. This warning is not to be taken lightly. Read with caution.


For all you people who really need to see my bibliography of the sources I used, go to the link below:

Bibliography of Sources Used

Well, if you have any questions that I didn't answer here, email me below; click on cutie Sailor Iron Mouse :-).

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