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Flowers for the Light: Weiß Kreuz
GOD! We are HOT! ^_^

Konnichiwa!! Welcome to Flowers for the Light: A website dedicated to perserve the existance of the ones who protect the light from the darkness: Weiß Kreuz!!

The guys and I decided that Kitty in the House was just too small, so we moved to a bigger shop across town. Once we're finish unpacking, we'll have one of the best Weiss Kreuz sites in the whole net!!!

Ken: But it would be done faster if Youji would help us out every once in a while.

Youji: I'm not lazy!!! Just managing my time.

Omi: Well, at least help Jen out with the pictures since you like looking at yourself so much.

Aya: Oh brother. Not this again.

Omi: Since I'm the star of this site, let me tell you what'll be up as soon as we're done. There's gonna be fanfics, fanarts, probably all starring me, Ken and Aya since Jen likes us the best........

Ken: Omi! Baka!!!

Aya: At least he's telling the truth.....

Youji: Yeah yeah............ whatever............ hurry up Omi or else I'll pound you.

Omi: Sure sure...........and bios on all of us, Pictures of us......... mainly of me, Ken and Aya........... just kidding.... Youji......take a joke.

Omi: And if you don't like it...........complain to Jen not us... She's the boss who's paying us for all this!!!

-anime sweatdrop- Oh boy...This is gonna be a LONG year... ^_^

Hooray! I finally have a banner! ^_^
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