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I want to Be A Tuxedo

So, I guess you want to be aa Tuxedo . Well, if I'm right then you are in the right place.

If you are going to Be a Tuxedo or Moonlight or something
at least sign the guestbook.

Sign My Guestbook

Here are somethings you need to include in your email to me for what should be on your page

*=means it's required

*First name
*Corect Available Email Address
Website URL(option)
*Tuxedo Name
*Description of tux
*Transformation words
*Attack words
*two favorite colors
what music would you like on your page for a background music such as sad tuxedo theme song does not have to be sailor moon related please send prefer midi type.

PLEASE put this HTML code on your website
The picture should look like this

Make sure Your tuxedo has not been taken.Click at the bottom for the list of Tuxedo's.
Tuxedo List