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Twilight's Sailor Moon Fan Fiction Archive


It has been eight years since I last updated this website. I remember my great ambitions when I started it; modeled after another amazing archive. Since then my life has changed pretty dramatically. Here is the short version: I graduated high school, got my AA degree, moved halfway across the country, got married, got my BA degree, and got a real job teaching young minds. Just this past year I finished my MA degree and as a respite from that, began reading fan fiction again.

I have to say that I am very saddened by the state of the Sailor Moon fan fiction world. When I drifted away from it, those many years ago, it was still going strong. Now, it is a shattered shell of what was once a thriving community. Websites that housed my favorite stories, stories I still remember to this day, are gone and there is an empty void where it once was.

At this realization I decided that I needed to find these stories I could barely remember and try to hold on to them somehow. I started by searching the web, many times for stories I didnít even remember the title or author of. Luckily, I have found many of them and have started documenting where they can be found while at the same time, downloading them into my own personal files.

My new plan for my website is to make it a memorial to all those amazing stories that are at risk of disappearing. With this in mind I am no longer accepting new stories. I will keep the old archive section of my website alive as a tribute to those authors who willingly gave their stories to me years ago. It is not fair to them to take it down. But the main purpose of this website is to remind everyone of the amazing stories that have been created for this fandom throughout the years. If only to remind myself why Sailor Moon is so important to me.


*Creaking sound as a door opens* Hello everyone (or anyone...). I have decided to slowly bring this site back to life. It will not be the same site it was when I first began this venture, but instead I hope to make it something more... reminiscent.

I am sorry to say that if you sent me a story way back when, I no longer have it unless I already uploaded it to this website. After 8 years and multiple computer changes I have no clue what happened to any of these stories. I also seemed to be in the middle of a website renovation but I have no clue what I was intending then either. I will be back with more information later on.

Last, please do not email me with any new stories. If you would like to publish a story, please visit to upload your story there.

E-mail me at my working email address. Please put "Sailor Moon" or something like that in the subject line so it does not get lost in my spam folder.

'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon' is a registered copyright and property of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation and all other associated parties. I do not own, nor make any claims to Sailor Moon.

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