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Dako Raven

Her name was Raye... And she had a life before until her love killed her... No one thought that she would have survived the boating accident that was skillfully planned to look like an accident. But she was sent back into time to change her life and plan revenge... Her story picks up here, when she is 15 again...

When she was young, about 3, she was orphaned and sent to live with relatives. Her relatives were rather mean and kept her locked up in her room because they were to hurt to see her because of how they missed her parents.

They lived in a small village, but more twords the outskirts of the town. The large blue house had white picket fences, huge gardens and one oak tree outside of her window that was inhabited by Ravens. She adored the black birds and watched them play tricks on one another.

One night a Raven came to her window and began to speak with her. He asked her why she would always stare at that old tree, and she said that she wishes she could be free like a Raven to have fun and play tricks instead of having to stay locked up in this old house. She turned around away from the bird with a tear that ran down her cheek.

The Raven felt sorry for her, so he told her of a new future that she would soon have. The Raven flew into her room and onto her shoulder. Then he took a feather from his wing and planted it in her hair.

She smiled and asked why he had given her the feather. He told her of how the elder Raven had the power of flight, in which could let anything fly. All that had to be done was take a feather and place it on someone worthy enough. But he warned her, "What ever you do, donít prick yourself anywhere with the sharp tip of the feather." She nodded and looked to the window. She was getting curious about how she could fly. She stepped through the window and out onto the straw roof. The Raven told her to just think of nothing and open your mind like a pair of wings. She did so, and felt herself grow very light and slowly floated up.

The Raven helped her learn how to fly and then they were off. She wanted to find some old friends of hers and asked the Raven if he would accompany her with the search. The Raven said. "Wait there is something that we have to do first."

He led her to a huge tower in the sky and told her that this is where she would meet a friend.

She stayed at an open window and entered the Tower and saw a man standing there with white wings looking after some Doves that he kept.

She was in awe from his beautiful wings and wished she could have had a pair so beautiful. She stayed in the shadows and watched the man with the Doves. He could sense someone was watching him, and slowly made his way over to the open window.

He saw the Raven and smiled. "So Kuragari, you have returned, and you have a friend here too eh?"

The Raven nodded and motioned for the girl. She stepped out from the shadows and looked at the man.

The man smiled and greeted her. "Greetings, I am Assarishita, an old friend of this Raven, Kuragari. Whatís your name?" She looked at him for a moment and began to reply. "My name is name is Dako.