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New Terrain

Written by: Tokoma (James Miller)

_____New Terrain_____

P-chan shivered in the rain, his little black body spattering drips of water in all directions. He had gotten lost, again.

He looked about uncertainly, craning his head back to see the houses around him more clearly.

Casting about for a moment, he decided to go back the way he had come, exept he no longer remembered which way that was.

He collapsed in a dejected heap, giving up after hours of walking.


The little pig's head jerked up, it was Ranma. He couldn't be seen like this, but when he tried to run for cover, his little body failed him.

He felt Ranma's hand close on him, tucking him close to his warm chest under the welcome shelter of the umbrella.

"Ryoga Ryoga Ryoga..." Ranma sighed, "I'll take you home. There's no time to get to your house this late."

P-chan raged for a moment, he didn't want Ranma'd pity. But nestled there, tucked in Ranma's jacket, the fury melted away until all that was left was warm gratitude.

P-chan yawned and fell asleep.

He dreamed.


The slam of the door woke P-chan from his sleeping hallucinations, as Ranma sat down on the floor of the washroom next to the bath. He brought P-chan up and held him so his face was inches from Ranma's.

"Why do you always do this, pig boy?"

P-chan felt blood rush to his face, but it strangely was not in anger, it was in embarrassment.

Ranma shook his head and tossed P-chan in the water, walking from the room.


Ranma sat near Ryoga in front of the fire, waiting for someone to come home. Everyone had gone to the market.

Ranma stood impatiently and paced for a bit, then walked over and knelt in front of Ryoga, grinning.

"How'd ya get lost this time, pig-boy?"

Ryoga glowered sullenly, not answering him.

"Looking for a nice little pig mate?"

Ryoga pushed himself up, his face in Ranma's, growling.

"Say it again Saotome..." he muttered.

"I said, Looking f..." Ranma trailed off, suddenly blushing.

Ryoga blinked, Ranma's warm breath gentle on his face.

He blinked again, and noticed Ranma had gotten closer, or perhaps he had, he couldn't tell.

Their lips touched, a soft pressure, warm and light. They both turned their heads ever so slightly.

Abruptly it broke, both of them blushing fiercely.

A...All this time Ryoga thought It wasn't hate, it was denial...

Ranma leaned forward again, and Ryoga let him. Once more their lips touched.

The kiss was deeper, firmer, and Ranma slid one hand onto Ryoga's waist.

Without warning, the door opened, and Ranma and Ryoga stumbled back from each other, knocking over a small table.

Ranma stood and righted the table, trying to act nonchalant.

"W...welcome back!" he forced in the lightest tone possible.

He turned to the door and saw it was useless. They were all there, and stood as if frozen in place, eyes wide as dinner plates.

Genma, in Panda form due to the rain, was holding a sign with only an exclamation point on it.

"He was drowning..." Ranma offered lamely, then looked to Ryoga for help as the occupants of the doorway remained statues.

"Yes. I see..." Katsumi muttered in monotone, and they all backed up and shut the door again.

Ranma sweatdropped and helped Ryoga to his feet.

Unable to help himself, Ranma brought his face to Ryoga's slowly, and there was a sudden flash. They turned in surprise to the doorway.

"Hey, a girl's gotta make a little cash, right?" Nabiki laughed with a little wave of her camera and left again, the door shutting behind her.