Spoony Bard~
Welcome to my Edward Shrine~! I started this on March 10th of 2001, but haven't updated it much. Upon getting an email from another Edward-lover about the site, I felt ashamed that i'd left this shrine neglected for so long and the terrible graphic layout that was here before made me stare in horror. Thus, I took it upon myself to come and update. Whee. All the screenshots were taken by myself, and since i'm too lazy to mark them as my own with text at the bottom, i'll go on the honor system. All I ask for their use is a link back, and if you're feeling kind, a notification that you're using my images. Thanks.

Well, Edward is a very un-appriciated character in FF4, but I personally like him. He may not be playable for way too long in the game, but still he has a nice character. Not every hero starts out brave, and Edward's character development throughout the game strictly proves that. 'Sides.. I've got a thing for long-haired men who can sing. Tee hee. Anyway, enjoy the shrine, and comments are always welcome~! ^.^

~P.K. Star

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