Last Link Update: September 17th, 2006

*annoyed with this page* Well, anyway, here is the place where you can find some of my favorite links to other pages, besides the pages that I adopted from. Their links are on the same page with the creatures adopted from them, unless noted otherwise. If you'd like to be put on this link page, please email me, if not, you can sign the free for all links at the bottom of the page~! AND IF YOU WANT TO LINK ME TO YOU (PLEASE DO) CLICK HERE

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Friends' Pages;
Lynx Blair's Anime Pix and Link Page (gone)
Elsakoo's Weird Page of Weirdness! (also gone?)
Dreadful Cargos (closed and gone)
The Realm of Vampires & Gabriel Soultaker's Mystical Realm
A Small Shrine to Victor(gone)
Moonlight Shadow: A Klonoa and Inu Yasha Fan Site

Rinoa's Final Fantasy
Allusions (Deceased..)

Other Great Sites
YKYWTMSMW (You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When...)
Sore Wa Himitsu: The Library of Slayers Creativity
Aeris The Flower Girl In The Slums
Visions of the Goddess
Sailormoon Heaven
#1 Card Captor
Lycentia's SM Web Graphics Shop
Kaiou Seis Heaven
Eyes On Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts NET
Images that Don't Suck
The Sea of Chaos
The Nekobox
Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear
Oceanic Star
The Anything Goes Anime Lyrics Archive
Rabi's X Page
Project Zen
| | Still Time ||
DA! Desktop Anime
Anime Project Alliance
Bleach Portal
SPIRAL "the Melody of Logic"
Like a Dream

Dearly Deceased? (Broken links?)
Violet Petals: A Xelloss and Amelia Couple Shrine(Lost amongst the rubble)
Kittylin's CCS (stupid dencity..gone..)
Rocket Town: The Shinra 26 (Deceased?)
Opera Floosy (Gone..)
Pointless! There's no Point! (Not Found?)
Kiyone's Heaven (Gone?)
Go Anime! Fanworks(Bye-bye...)
Doinks Fish Fins @nd Dinosaurs(Those who vanish without a trace..)
The Mystic Realms of Rosaline (I REALLY liked her work, too..)
The SM Zone (Website heaven is getting awfully full...)
Quest for the Crystal (Farewell)
Melodic Solace - A Shrine to FF4's Edward and Anna (A shame indeed..)