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My Links

This is my favorite part of the page! The following links will take you to my friends' pages, webrings and clubs I've joined, and pages which are superior, but focused on one character. I wasn't able to include them on that particular anime's page *sniff* but you can see them here!

My sister site! Go read nifty fanfiction!
Mizu Tameru Ni

heroine ::Stormy

Dark Echo Grounds of Thunder Senshi


Square Fanatic :: Final Fantasy VII

Drooling Tasuki Fan Club

Tasuki//Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The No Da! Mission


Boy's Don't Cry

!dangly Sisterhood--Dangly Fan(g)irl

I'm proud to be one of the evil ppl!

Help Support the Red-Headed Bishonen of the World
Link to Me!

Mt. Leikaku