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Lesson Today: Fan(g)irls

Shingami Sora
About Me, Thanks You's, Who will be the first to suffer my wrath when I rule the world, etc...

Hihi all! Sora here! This is the page about ME! That girl you see at the top of this page, with the dangerous looking scythe, that's me, Shingami Sora. Yatta! *drawn by Harmony-chan, not me, don't steal it!* I guess since your here, I'll tell you a little about myself. Don't you feel special? First off, I'm going to be a college freshman in the fall. I'm going to North Carolina, eight hours away from my current home in Ohio. I want to major in Communications, and possibly produce a national news show one day *think 20/20, or Dateline* Writing is one of my hobbies...anime is another ^_^ I actually registered to be a Miko...

Years and years ago, I started watching Ronin Warriors when it was on at like 7:00 a.m. This was amazing becuase I am NOT a person who wakes up before...well, before afternoon. A year or so later, I was babysitting and saw a dubbed Sailor Moon episode *for anyone who's curious, it was the one where Serena shows Darien the drawings of their relationship, since he's lost his memory, he laughs at her, and than Alan gives her flowers. Anyone know the name of that ep?* So, yes, I was a dubbie. It's not my fault! In that spirit:

I DA! No da!

Anyhoo, after that, I began watching the show religiously *my family got cable so I could watch Sailor Moon, and my brother could watch Sports Center.* Than SM went off the air, and my anime obesession was kinda forgotten. Than one day, I discovered Toonami. And life was sweet. Since than, my obession has only increased. I did my huge Senior Thesis on the history of anime and magna. My favorites are...Fushigi Yuugi, Ah! Megumi-sama, Escaflowne, Gundam W, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Utena, Sakura Wars, Bakuretsu Hunters, Weiss Kruez...and many others ^_^ Am I proud to be a pschyo otaku? Oh yes. My dream is for everyone to love anime, so we can all live on beach, eating pocky, with the shonen we managed to create in labratories. Or, for guy otaku, I guess we could bring some shoujos to life, too...None of the dumb ones though *to me, this means Miaka, Hitomi, Moemi, Usagi and Relena.* In case you can't tell, I'm a big bishonen supporter, and and actually have registered to be a Miko.

Let's see...I also love my Playstation. If I had more time, I'd just purchase Squaresoft. I'm a big RPG fan. My favorite all time game is Final Fantasy VII, and yeah, I'm a supporter of Tifa and Cloud. **spolier alert!** Aeris couldn't fight, and wandered off alone, into a mystic forest alone with the one Materia that could save the world. How dumb can you get? **end spolier** Ah well, I digress. I also like fighting games (Tekken, Mortal Kombat, etc) and buy Electronic Gaming Monthly on a semi-regular basis *and no one can prove that it's just to read about Hsu and Chan, either!*

Now, on to my friends...two of my very best friends are called Kouji and Tama. This makes sense since my nickname is Gen-chan. Sane people might know them as Kristen and Harmony (yeah, Harmony, same girl who co-authors fics with me. Don't know what I'm talking about? GO SEE THE FIC PAGE! GO! GO NOW!) *cough* These two are *almost* as awesome as I am, which is strange, since I wasn't aware that was possible. Other awesome people...Chris, my twin! (Not really, but we seem to have the same opinions on ice cream, cookies, candy, all the really important things in life ^_^) He lives in the great state of Washington, and once I move to North Carolina, we'll have taken over both coasts! *live in fear!* Then we have only to move to the inside, take control of the Cheez-Its factories, and take our places as rulers of the universe! HAHAHAHA! And when I rule, my friend Jenny has agreed to do the managerial work, which will consist of her sitting and writing, while her peons run around, serving her. Joining her will be Ryan and Teddy, more nifty otaku. And, also Brian, (aka "Pikachu"), my Monty Python supplier. His function will be to wander around and do nothing! It'll be just like his life now!And of course, my buddies, T-chan and Lady Luna, resident artists, and Sir Nathan, who taught me about the glories of MST, will be wandering around my palace somewhere...Let's see...the creators of Fufuberry Soda and Diet Dr. Pepper will also have their own special spots in the sun. I think that's it for now...if you want a space in the sun, e-mail me! I'm really not that scary *really!* But, I am...

Sorry, I just didn't have anywhere else to put that ^_^;;

Mt. Leikaku