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Authors of Insanity
Hello all! This is my tiny little closet of fanfiction...more is coming, I swear! In the meantime, enjoy Kaze no Densetsu, which kinda started as an Escaflowne fic, and has since gained a mind of it's own. I hate it when that happens. This non-fic is being co-authored by my partner in crime, Harmony-chan. In case your wondering, that's us in the picture above...I'm on the right and she's on the left. And, no, sadly I didn't draw that, Dammit-sensei did. Don't steal it!

Also, we wrote *halluncinated?* "Good Morning Sunshine" (a Gundam W fic) on a 3 a.m. caffenine rush. Don't read it if you have any sort of attachment to Relena. Or, don't know/approve of shonen ai. It's not a lemon, but, I mean...

Alright, I'll leave you to your reading ^_~

Kaze no Densetsu, Chapter One

Kaze no Densetsu, Chapter Two

Kaze no Densetsu, Chapter Three

Good Morning Sunshine!

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