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Be a Winner!
  • Duo's Eye-Candy Award: This award goes to pages that are visually appealing. HTMLing is *haaaaard* and I believe that anyone who has mastered it should be acknowledged.
    See Duo's Award!

  • Quatre and Trowa's Underappreciated Couples Award: Made to acknowledge all the cute, yet underwuved anime/magna/gaming couples out there. In case you have idea what I mean by *underwuved* couples, these would be sited dedicated to the relationships between Tifa and Cloud, Duo and Heero, Quatre and Trowa, Aya and Ken, Carrot and either Misu girl, etc, etc.
    See Quatre and Trowa's Award!

  • Mako's Bishonen Award: This one goes to anyone who has created a site dedicated to any of the anime guys we all know and love. Pages with shonen info, lots of pictures, or shrines, can pretty much be guarenteed winning this.
    See Mako's Award!

  • Omi's Cute, yet Deadly Award: This award was made for all the kawaii pages out there. I am convinced one day the warm fuzzies will take over the universe. Pages dedicated to kawaii anime/magna characters, or with lots of images that make the average veiwer go "Aww!" would be the nominees here.(I warn you however, I *loathe* Chibi-Usa.)
    See Omi's Award!

  • Tasuki's Award of Superiority: All I can say about this award is that to make me share a picture of Tasuki, it had better be a darn good site.
    See Tasuki's Award!

    Okay, so you've gone through the list, and noticed most of these awards are very specific. Yet, though your page does not fit any description given, it's still really cool. Well, send me an e-mail, and I'll MAKE you a special, one-of-a-kind award, fitting your page. If your particualrly attached to a certain image, I can even use that image for your award. Yatta! Everyone feel the wuv! Now, if you want an award, just e-mail me *use the link below*, tell me who you are, the URL of your page, and which award you would like! Good luck!

Mt. Leikaku