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Saitou High

Wheee! Time for updates. This one will be very small, but soon there will be larger ones. Like what for example? Adding an image gallery will probably be on the top of my to do list. I am currently running about 50 million web pages, so for the sake of my sanity I'll only work on 2 from now on. This one and a little place I like to call Shiore's Page O' Madness. That's under heavy construction as well. I enjoy getting letters from you guys on what I should do to improve the site, and I might get a fun little message board in the near future, you'll like it, I promise! But you know what I'd really love? Fan art and Fan Fics. Yes folks, this page is what? 1 or 2 years old. I've not updated in a bit, true. But the only fan work I have is something I did myself, now that is sad. I don't care what you send in! Fics and art that are cute, tiny, bad, yaoi, yuri, good, evil, song fics, poems. I don't care, I'll even accept lemons *that are in good taste* I'll put warnings next to them and everything! Well that's that, and I'll do my part and add fun things for you guys. Most major updates will be over the summer. Wheee! I may work at K-Mart. Oh the joys of needing money! If anyone can tell me where to get HJ manga, I'll get it and translate it and put scans up for everyone to see. Another thing, you may take as many images as you want from my page, you don't even have to ask! Yay! Just give me credit, k? Oh yeah and if you want to take fanfiction/ fan art not by me, that's when you *HAVE* to ask. Fair enough? Good. ^^ Ok? Thanx to all! Ja for now!

Updated: 10/7/01

Special thanks to Shida for providing me with the midi of "There are two of me here in my heart" I can't thank you enough! ^^


Here are the characters

Here's the story


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Haunted Junction and all of it's characters areof Nemu Mukudori. Thank you for creating such a wonderful series. These characters are used with out permission so please don't sue me ^-^; I'm poor!