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There are few good things in life. One of those things is ANIME!...


This is definatly one of my favorite anime. It's funny, gothic, hacky-slashy and all-round a good time! It is about the EVA's, which are experimental "Robots" made by Nerv to defenod Tokyo3 (and the world kinda) from the unknown species called the Angels. But the EVA's are very strange indeed, almost, human... They require teenagers to drive them, as to maintain the sync ratio. Thus ENTER Shinji Ekari, Rei Ianomi, and Asuka Langley Suuru. These are the Pilots of EVA1 (Shinji[the purple monster thats everywhere on here]) EVA0 (Rei) and EVA2 (Asuka)...Join them on thier journey of love, mystery, and the slashing with the guns and the lances with the hurting...WHEE!!


I don't really know how to describe it, so I'll just kinda put in a string of words that might represent something or other... guns! Origame! slashing! with the shooting and the gunning and the hurting and the WHEE!

Kusanagi!..and other charactors..