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Ray's Tribute to the Scouts

Ki is being dragged up the stairs to the arena, where a duel is presently going on, by Akio. She is wearing a bright lime green dress, a pair of bright purple shoes and carrying a BIG duelist sword. She stops and pants"Let me go Akio. Too many stars. How does Utena-sama do this every day?" Ki sits down and says to no one in partiular "I cant wait untill I can get rid of this STUPID outfit." Akio shoves a big box into Ki's hands and Ki mutters"fast service." She pulles out a very nice black rose bride uniform. It looks exaticaly like Anthy's but its all black, even the little lapel things. "Thank GOD there are no frilly things, well here we go again." As Ki is dragged up to the arena the uniform appears on her and she grins" Oh Akio, are you a little disapointed?"They reach the arena where Saionjii and Utena are going all out. Utena is dodging blows like some chearleader, while Saionjii is sweating so bad that Ki was surprised that he didn't slip and fall. "Hey, Saionjii Anthy is dancing around NAKED in your dorm!! She says she wants you BADLY." Saionjii stops and cuts his own rose off and almost flys down the stairs."Pitiful,"Ki says"just pitiful."Akio walks up to Utena,"Hey Utena I want to challenge you to a duel! I dont want the rose bride. If I win I want Ki-chan here." Ki "eeps" and trys to run away but finds herself imobil."Damn it""Later Ki ,my sweet, later." Ki sweatdrops and trys to fight somemore. Akio grabs Ki and pulls the sword from her waist stoping a while to grope where ever he feals like. Ki stands up totaly flustered and blushing from head to foot. Akio and Utena go at it. Ki just sits down and sighs. "Well, I might as well introduce the tributes page it seems like I will be here for a minuet so i might as well do something usefull. Here are the tributes..."




Sailor Mercury:

I am one of the few chosen to fight.

This is my legacy.

Chosen to fight for the good of the galaxy.

I’m scared.

Scared and Worried about my fellow scouts.

Are they lifeless cold forms?

Am I the only one left?

My call of “Mercury Bubbles Blast” rings out into the night.

I am hit.

I go down fighting.

My friends, I come to join you now.

I go to the star Earth with a new objective.

To find my body and fight a new battle.

To be given another chance.


This story will have another ending!





Sailor Saturn:

I am all alone.

Floating in place, through all time and space.

This helpless is driving me insane.

The power I hold in this dismal plane is enormous.

I am all alone.

The Moon is in my sight.

So much pain and anguish.

It must be silenced!

My cry of “Death Reborn Revolution” through the heavens.

It becomes a silent and desolate star.

The madness has stopped.

I seal myself away to be reborn,

Waiting to be found,

Waiting to be reborn,








Sailor Pluto:

The Gate of Time.

Those who see me must die.

I am present in all forms of time and dimensions.

Chosen am I to be the guardian of the Gate of Time.

This solitary and lonely existence is so frightening.

I see some one!

Those who break the taboo must die!


Is it a Sailor Scout?

She bares the royal symbol!

No it is a Beryl trick!

I must protect this Gate of Time!





Sailor Moon:

My soul is being stolen.

My love is Endymion, and I am Princess Serenity.

My live as Serena is over. I am Sailor Moon!

My love has been stolen from.

My world ripped apart in a matter minuets.

My life as a normal girl is over and there is no

going back.

Part of me misses it, but my stronger, other part

has called me from the depths of my stupitity.

I need my Endymion.

He needs me.

We will be together again!

I will never give up!





Sailor Jupiter:

My thunder does no good.

My mind goes dim with a wave of fear and panic.

I hate thoughs emotions.

Caught up In the fight,

Adrenaline pumping,

Passion surging,

The destiny to protect the princess has not been fulfilled.

I hope that my new life will have a different ending.

My life long dream must be fulfilled.

I need to protect.

To love.

I need feelings.

A different story…






I need to fight. Why I still do is unsure.

My passion surging, and I fighting to win my friend from thoughs who would abuse her.

I have only lost once.

A problem I will naver face again. I promise.





THe slaps come harder.

My face is sore from the constant beatings.

I have been brought up to let this happen.

I must obey my masters.


Some one won against Saionjii?

I am free you say?

I will never be free.

I am to serve you.

I will always serve someone. But i must if he wins.

I must be torn between cruel people and kind people.

Well, atlest for now I can be pretend to be free.





Clash and then a bang, and another clash. Ki is lying down asleep and drooling so much that is has gathered into a small puddle and is runing off the edge of the arena. All of a sudden she hears the fatal clash and snorts awake to see Utena's rose was gone. "OH CRAP! DONT TELL ME I HAVE TO BE AKIO's ROSE BRIDE!!" Akio walks calmly tword her she shrinks and "eeps". A familiar male voice does the jungle call and Noki sweeps her up before Akio has the chance to lay a finger on her. Ki cuddles up to Noki and kisses him. "My hero. I will always be your rose bride. Um, Gomen but what is this rope attached to?"Noki looks up and says" You know that is a very good question." They both plumit screaming into the roof of Akio's room and they plop down on his massive silk sheets."oh crap." "Well, my rose bride is here at last. Now I think I will save the man for desert." Noki's eyes widden and Akio closes the door. A scream erupts and a barely dressed Noki and Ki run screaming Seikou's name down the hall chased by an even less clothed Akio.