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Ki Tenno's House of Anime

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Gomen Nasai minna-san! i've been grounded for like ever! but anyways.. hey! wait.. i'm not ki-chan! i'm Elara! her best friend.. she can't seem to get in here to update.. so i'm putting up this message.. and if she wants me to.. i'll help her out! well! =] i'm gonna go! -Jya-ne :/:Elara:\:

Ki Tenno stands in the middle of the Deans office at Ohtori Academy. She fools with the bottom of her slip dress and shifts her weight from one foot to the other."Um..Mr.Ohtori? I need to register for a room. My other school didn't have enough rooms for me in there so they sent me here. And THEY sent me in here. I will be almost a student at this school. So I was just wondering can I stay here?" Ki twists a lock of her VERY short hair. The dean just looks at her and smiles. Ki feals her knees melting and stares with realy wide eyes at the dean."Sure, I will give you a room all alone if you wish." "Um, I have to tell you something...I have a cat. And I am really into dueling." Ki gets very nervous. At this point in time the person says no and Ki is thrown out on the streets."Sure as long as you don't let it run free. By the way, Ki is it? Well, would come here?" Ki comes over and bends down to him. He grabs her and kisses her."Call me Akio. Welcome." A totaly embarassed and blushing Ki sits up on the deans lap and wispers"Welcome to Ki Tenno's House of Anime."

Ja ne,
Ki =)

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