Glossary Of Anime Terms

This is a collection of all the Anime related terms that I could think of. If I missed any please let me know.

ADR - Automated Dialouge Recording

The process of making an english language soundtrack which, as much as possible, fits the mouthing on the screen. This can sometimes involve retiming or 'stretching' some lines. They do this either mechanically or by the actor redubbing them, or rewriting to replace a set of words that don't fit with ones that do.


The word used to shorten Japanese Animation by Western fans to distinguish the Japanese version from that of any other nation.


ANIme PAROdy, a popular manga genre in which Anime characters are used in comic stories or skits.


BackGround Music - The music from an anime soundtrack or a video game.


The Japanese words used to describe a beautiful young girl/boy.


A suffix meaning cute or darling one, a term of affection usually reserved for for romantic partners, young female friends, small animals or children. A good example of this word would be P-Chan (Ryoga) from the Ranma 1/2 series.


This is simply short for CHARActer.


Japanese word for Fanzine. A cottage industry of staggering proportions, the Dojinshi industry is humungous.


The lighter form of hentai. It's used to describe lust-crazy teenage boys, panty fans or otherwise the 'pervy' types.

Gaikokujin or Gaijin

Gaijin is the term used for a foreinger of some sort: it's translation is 'strange person', whereas Gaikokujin means 'person from another country'.


Japanese word used for graphic novel.


The Japanese form of porno. Most people consider hentai limited to just Anime.


Japanese for monster. Kaiju eiga (monster pictures) are a popular Japanese genre.


God or Goddess, applied as a term of great respect, eg Osamu Tezuka, often reffered to as 'manga no kami', the manga god. Even greater respect implied by the suffix '-sama'.


Japanese for cute. Cuteness is a characteristic of great importance in some Anime.


Japanese for comic.


Loanword for MECHAnical. Any kind of mechnism from a gun to a robot.


Original Animation Video or Original Video Animation. A work made specially for realease onto video rather than for TV or movie.


Original SoundTrack, ie the music of an anime or video game, including all the songs.


Japanese word meaning obsessuve fan of anything. Westerners use this word to describe someone who is a dedicated fan of Manga or Anime.


Japanese term for voice actor or actress.


Another term of respect. It means 'teacher' or 'master'.


The line art which is made up at the start of a project, used ny animators for reference, and often sent to magazines for advance publicity use.


Japanese for girl. Shojo manga are manga drawn in a very flowery, pretty, romantic style and deal mainly with romantic or emotional stuff. Y'know, the stuff that makes a guys stomach churn and turn upside down.


Japanese for boy. Shonen manga are often more adventure related, with the exception of 'Shonen ai' - boys' love - manga.


A term for intense, emotional stories in which women are usually onlookers or observers while the intense emotional realtionships are between men.


Literally 'useless, worthless, good-for-nothing' or 'a ne'er-do-well', applied to a gangster or member of an organized crime syndicate - the japanese equivalant of the Mafia.


A term used for demons or supernatural entities of evil intent.

Well thats all the terms that I know of, but if you know of some others please tell me. ^_^