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Online Pokemon Center - Lobby

My name is Nurse Joy, I'm sure you have probably heard of me. I do have a lot of relatives around! A while ago, Professor Oak of Pallet Town (world famous scientist) discovered a way for the Pokemon Center to go online, to what he called, 'the Internet.' I was selected to transform the Pokemon Center, found in every town, to this place that it is now. Below is a list of links to take you to different parts of this center, including a Pokemon rest area for your tired or injured Pokemon (under construction). If your Pokemon have fainted, please click the link that says 'Heal my Pokemon.' (under maintenance). This center isn't quite as developed as the center in Cinnibar Island, where I live. But soon it will be just as good as any center that a wandering Pokemon Trainer visits. So feel free to explore what is in this Center, and have fun! Check out the Pokemon Safari link, and keep checking back for when it launches.

Update: Hi everyone... it really has been a long time! This OPC hasn't been updated in so long, but that's all about to change :) Pokemon Safari is a work in progress, but I'm aiming to launch it before the end of this year. Once the main structure is completed, trainers can begin applying for Pokemon Safari - KEEP CHECKING BACK for the application form!

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, be sure to email me, Nurse Joy, at the email address following. Similarly, if you have any Pokemon questions relating to the FIRST 151 Pokemon, send them here! Here in the OPC, we can only deal with Pokemon living on our island. If you need help with Johto island Pokemon, check around the Internet.

Professor Oak isn't that thrilled about how long this site has been inactive, so I'll be working doubly hard to make it as good as it can be! Have fun, guys!

Online Pokemon Center Areas:

My Pokemon And Their Info
Orphaned Pokemon Nursery
Heal your Pokemon here!
See Pokemon who have been adopted!
Have Butterfree fly you to other sites about Pokemon!
Pokemon Safari: What is it?????