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Sherwin's Ninku Page
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Ninku is based on the original story of Koji Kiriyama ( Weekly Shonen Jump ) ; And the story goes ... During the Civil War a group of soldier the ninku clan which is consist of 12 groups each group has a different fighting techniques.. they battled the empire army for peace in the land , but before they win the war, they were re-group and never seen again ..

Well actually the story is focused on the 3 etonin captain's ; Fusuke, Aicho, Toji together with Rihoko (toji sis.) and Hiruyuki (wired penguin) , together they travel to find the sky dragon to help them become stronger ... to save fusuke 's mother (yamaguki) who is being imprisoned by Kojin . Arch-bishop Kojin is the big boss of the empire army ; and has 3 col ;Basara ( former ninku-Gumi captain) , Makira, Ajirata. Their order is to exterminate all the ninku soldiers.

Also , Col Basara ( Kisumi ) has a major part in the story , he is the best friend of the 3 etonin captain; Fusuke, Aicho, Toji. Kisumi joined the empire army because he lost hope when his gf died (miyuki) .. so he had frozen his own heart. come to think of it its like Kurei in flame of recca .... u know SCARLETT, her gf was also killed ...

The thing i like in this series is their plane, the hindenburg ,, the plane that toji loves... badly , it always being broke into pieces hah ! hah! and a penguin who runs fast ?!? and strong ?!? kinda wired huh ?!?

Fighting techniques : NENIN ( FUSUKE ) : KU-WATSUKEN, KU-SHIRIKEN, ninku power : WIND
TORNIN ( AICHO) : KU-HIKEN, ninku power : Jumping Techniques
MAYNIN ( TOJI ) : KU-JA-SHO , KU-SABA-KU, ninku power : Earth
KISUMI OF THE ICE : ninku power : Ice
SAKARAY OF FIRE : ninku power : Fire
- techniques are still incomplete / this is based on the axn version
also the spelling might be wrong ,,...i just made it up ..

The story is very good but the animation is kinda unique compare to yuyu hakusho,flame of recca. sort of classic kinda stuff ..
the series is consist of 30 min /per episode ; 55 episodes all ; But In the series3 the story is been cut ... i don't know what happens next ?!? like flame of recca (bitin ..) in anyways, Ninku is one of my favorite anime of all time

Anime Works / 28 min.
Directed by : Noriyuki Abe
Production : Studio Pierrot

When Fusuke , Aicho , Toji and Rihoko attempt to get hired as bouncers, they find the position already filled .. by the ninku ! ?! With these impostors taking all the credit, it seem that the real Ninku have been reduced to abject servitude. Suddenly, a group of bandits known as the heaven and earth brothers arrive in the town demanding an excessive tribute . .. watch it to find out what happens next ..

Movie Scenes : ( Optimized Pictures )
Jpeg Format ( 704X460 )

Pictures 1 - 5 Pictures 6 - 10 Pictures 11 - 15
Picture 16 - 20 Picture 21 - 24


Wallpaper ( 800x600 pixels )

Ninku Songs : ( mp3's )

Opening Song : Radiance is inside of you (G2)
Opening Song : Radiance is inside of you ( 128kbps mp3 )(FullVersion)
lyrics by : Akiko Nakajima
composed by : Takayuki Yamaishi
sung by : Yume Suzuki

1st Ending Song : Yet Tomorrow Will Come ( Mp3 )(TvVersion)

1st Ending Song : Yet Tomorrow Will Come ( 128kbps mp3 )(FullVersion)
Composed, sung by : Yume Suzuki

2nd Ending Song : Sora-no-namae ( 128kbps mp3)(FullVersion)

3rd Ending Song : Sorezoreno Ashitae ( 128kbps mp3)(FullVersion)


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