Learn to swear in Norwegian, DIN JÆVLA DRITTSEKK!!!

As written by Allen Chin, Linguist and Self-Help Writer extraordinaire!

The most expressive, and arguably the most useful, words in any language are what scientists refer to as "thems motherfucking shit words". And really, knowing how to sound like a drunken sailor in a second language displays your international awareness and cultural sensitivity! Plus talk about a great way to impress the ladies! Do you know what "Schamlippen" means in German? Something gross, I'll tell you that much. But this isn't about German, it's about Norwegian! Fucker!

Norwegian is pretty limited as far as swear words go. Most of the words used commonly are religious, which makes them less shocking than much of English's colorful vocabulary. Still, when someone does swear in Norway, it is pretty damn funny. Or should I say "jævlig morsomt"?

When reading the pronounciations, just read as if it were English. If it looks like a real English word there, then say that! Otherwise, just do your best to try to see what I mean, despite your mild retardation.