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Welcome to the world of one Spiral Turnhowl. He who walks in Sin!

*dramatic pose* *waits* *sweat drop*

Where's my lightning? Where's my damn lightning? You can't find good people to make lightning anymore.

Anyway, to hell with the dramatics. I'm Spiral Turnhowl, and I don't walk in Sin very often. Hell, I can't anymore since Satan put up that 'Keep Off Mortal Sins Against God' sign and posted that ex-mall security guard. Those guys are brutal!

Anyway, welcome to my world. A world of fate, possibility and, above all else, life.

Now. I'll tell ya right now. I'm a little bit out there. I live what the Politically Correct call 'A person living an alternative lifestyle', between you and me does that sound like I've got different biological processes than everyone else? Anyway. I'm bi, my girlfriend knows this. She's bi. I help her point out guys in the mall and she can spot a hot girl from 150 yards, with no scope in a high wind with low visibility, you know The Food Court. So anyway. If you wanna check out my art, my poetry, or what I do to enjoy myself, click a link. Just don't kick a link, I had a friend in here doing that and that particular link is still undergoing emotional counseling. It was a travesty.