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Mari-San's Yamato Ishida Shrine V.02 Blur

Other  DigiDestined  Diseases

And to the others who are obsessed with the other DigiDestined kids, here are the names of the diseases thought of by me, Mari-San. ^_^ Be sure to check your local pharmacy to get prescription if you have any of these. You people can post these on your websites if ya want, just make sure to give me credit. 

NOTE: On some of the descriptions, some of them can be exaggerated. Meaning, I don't like some character as much as I sound I do... But I still love all of the gang! ^_^

 You feel a sudden urge just to think of Taichi Kamiya.
Well, who wouldn't? Tai is extremely cute. A bit goofy and bit dense about things, but he makes a great leader. Yeah, some are questioning on why he should be, but trust me on this. He leads, and he leads well! Most of the time. ^_~

Sora  Syndrome
You get blanked-out thinking about Sora Takenouchi
Some think she's Miss Perfect. ^_^ Sora's real caring towards other people, and can be considered to be a big sister in the group. She'll do anything to help others. Sora may not always be perfect, be she's fine just the way she is.

*imitates Sora* "Whoo hoo! Look at that! I'm an infection!"

You get goosebumps thinking about Koushiro Izumi.
After all, Izzy is so cute when he does his whiz-kid thang, and he's also very cute in general. He's the smart genius of the group, bringin' his lil' laptop with him everywhere. Give him a problem, and he'll solve it! With his skillz, Izzy is one valuable part of the group! ^_~

You feel light-headed at the thought of Mimi Tachikawa.
Why not? There's a lot to think a bout her! Make you dizz-ay. She's like the 'Pheobe' of Digimon. And who doesn't like Pheebs? Mimi can be a ditz and self-centered, but she's a real good friend. She'll be an even bigger friend if you take her shopping. ^_~

That is NOT strawberry blonde. Pleaze.

Joe  Fever
Your head feels hot at the thought of Jyou Kido.
Eh, that's sounds funny. ^^; Anyways,  there's a ton to think about Joe. Say, his personality. He's the cautious one of the group. As the oldest in the group, Joe feels he has to take responsibility of everyone! He may be bit of a fraidy-cat, but have no fear! Wherever there's trouble, Joe will be there to help. ^_^

Hepatitis T.K.
The thought of Takeru Takaishi makes you feel good and warm inside.
And why wouldn't it? The youngest of the group, T.K has the 'innocence' thing going on. ^_^ Anyways, T.K. is just one, cute kid. He's lucky to have a big bro like Matt.

*sings* On Gilligan's Island....

Kari  Virus
You think Hikari Kamiya is spreading out a 'cute' virus.
Well, she is pretty lovable, ain't she? Plus, a sassy dresser, in my opinion. ^_^ And she's the Eighth DigiDestined. Who would've thought? Kari is a kind, sweet kid. Who wouldn't be able to like her? Gah! It's an invasion of kawaii kids! ^_^ 

*imitates a drunken writer* I know... Let's slap some spandex on her!

Here is version two of the disease kids stamps. They're the same style, although in a much better condition. 

Davis Effect

The thought of Daisuke Motomiya makes you smile.

Are you feeling a bit woozy all of a sudden? It's a strange effect for everyone. What kind of effect, you say? Why, it's the Davis Effect! He has such a charm that is always so fun. Yeah, I know. Some people will say 'what charm!?' Never mind them. ^_^;

Yolie Flu

Stomach hurts? Full of butterflies? It's because of Miyako Inoue!

Do you feel funny? In a good way, of course. It's prolly cuz of Yolie. Hey, it's the Christmas season. Meaning it's the flu season. Meaning it's the Yolie Flu season!! Oh joy! ^^

Cody Cancer

Cutey-patooey Iori Hida making you squeal with fondness? Yeah, us too.

Augh no! You've got Cody Cancer! AUGH NO! AUGH NO! *pouts* How come we don't have it too!?! Wah... -_- Cody is such a cute kid, it's hard to resist pinching him on the cheeks. *pause* And I mean on his face. =P

Oh, his hair is *SO* sexy... (Insider joke, don't mind me. ^_^)


Do you forget everything around you when you start to think of Ken Ichijouji?

It's awfully tempting, isn't it? You could prolly think of Ken for hours! His eyes, his hair, his blush, his knees... SIGH. ^_~ You would love to hug him until he feels all better. Heck, it's darn close to heaven. 

The Tamers


On a Ruki Makino high? Can't get her out of your head, eh?

Perfectly logical. Why not, anyway? She is so kick-arse! ^_^ She may be totally different than all of the previous female digidestined, but that's a very good thing.

And remember, please link back to me. Some of ya are forgetting to. ^^;

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Disclaimer: This page was created on March 25 by Mari-San, 2000. All pictures were made by her and the idea is strongly recommended not to be stolen. This page is in no way trying to mock or make fun of the sick.