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Mari-San's Yamato Ishida Shrine V.02 Blur

Whatchu looking at? Can't you see we're trying to take a bath here! Sheesh!


Here are some other really cool Digimon websites, or not Digimon at all. ^_^

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It's All About Character, Babay!
Sites with personality. Now that is just prodigious.
A-Okay This is Spryte64's and Matthew's spiffed up site. ^_^ Talk about personality! This site is not afraid what and when to say something. Now I like that. *grin*

Bizarre Reunion

Wai!! I love this site! If I could, I'd prolly  hug it, but I don't want anyone to think I'm a bigger fool than I am now. ^^;; Okay, back to the site... Well, it's really, really kawaii, and very original. I also like the fact that there are couple shrines in it. That's just plain cute in my book. Also, has some of the best fanart I have ever seen! ^_^

Butterfly! One of Leto's brilliant site-creations. ^_^ Filled with lotsa info, entertaining editorials, and a whole lot more! *wink* Also, Leto is a wonderful author, look at her fanfics NOW!
Digital Bus NEW! You know those sites that are just so different that you raise your eyebrows at them and go "Whaaat?" Well, this is one of the those sites. It's all about Digimon and the Magic School Bus, a very rare pair if you ask me. ^^; But still, this is a peachy keen site. OoH! Check out the section about the Ice Cube Kids!
DigiShock An ultra kawaii site with one kickin' layout. Also, a shrine to Izzy! Waaiiii!!!! ^_^
Koani's Digimon Art Bah, whoever does not know this place is living under a dead moose. Koani's art is so spectacular! Mmm, very yummy indeed. 
Lelola Lelola. Reminds me of flowers, for some reason. Anyhoo, this is a very nice, filled with lots of shtuff. Anyone would enjoy their stay here. My fave part are the icons page. *glirk!*
Megchan's  Digimon  Sekai Okay, do I really need to explain this site? It's one of my favorites. There's a bunch of stuff here, like mp3s and other cool stuff. Also has a very popular messageboard. Woooow! ^_^
Patamon's Pad I visit this site every single day now. The first one I visit on my bookmarks list. ^_^ I luv this site because the layout is extraordinary and that this place is so original! I love original sites. I'm sure everybody does. ^~ Anyhoo, a must-see!
Tkei's  DigiWorld This is a really good site. It's very informative on the characters and the Digimon. There's a bunch of stuff to do there! Really nice fanart and shtuff. The webmaster is really kind and was one of the first ones to link to me! *squeals* This site is no longer updated, but what's here is good.
Yu Never Lnow This is officially my favorite Digimon website EVER. It is so frickin' hellarious! O love everything about this. The originality, the humor, the fact that Izzy and Matt are brothers... My favorite thing are the extra long, comedic fanfics. If you are EVER bored, I highly suggest reading them. The site is called You Never Know, but I mispelled it since they did mine. Just a little fun! *grins*

More to be added soon! 

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