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The Story...
"Part One: Rise of the Dragon Princess"
In the year 2077, the Romunilian Empire holds almost complete sway over the continent of Griffel. A few rebel states still hold out, including Ledomiam, ruled by the Olzen royal family. Dragon Princess Karula, of the house of Olzen arrives in the Imperial city of Belgorand to sign a peace treaty with Emperor Gustav. Her arrival soon turns out to be an assasination attempt aimed at the Emperor himself. Karula escapes, while losing the one she cares about the most. Meanwhile, the seemingly immortal Gustav regenerates and prepares to exact his revenge. The empire retaliates with full force against the country of Ledomiam, then issues a peace treaty stating that they will cease fire if The royal family hands over Karula. Karula is forced to abandon her family to the empire. She seeks refuge in the free trade city of Zaaru in Nopland. Here she joins a circus as the star attraction, the sword swinging amazon Raym. She also meets companion's Chen and the border guard commander and sex maniac Dard. The group sets off after Bohton to rescue Karula's sister Queen Rosalia, who has been captured by the empire.

Coming soon, "Part Two: The Revenge of Gustav"....(0_0 typing sucks! -Saucer-kun)

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