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Zarley Tech

Zarley Top Links ^^'

Zarley Technologies

Gage Hunter's Question of the Week

Could Bus Drivers pretend they were Airline Pilots by simply wedging their accelerator pedal down with a heavy book securing the steering wheel with some old rope and then strolling back along the bus chatting casually to the passengers?

The Pecking Order (RPG Debates...)

Yet Another Update

RPG for TDF-U1 this Friday at 6:00 PM CST, and M-56 this Saturday at 7:00 PM CST.
      - Game Master Zander Hunter


UN Spacy Officer Poll
What VF do you thing is the greatest in our aresenal?

Current Results
The Minmei/Minmay Lay Debate
Although she\'s a stupid bitch, would Minmei/Minmay be a good lay if she were real?

Current Results

Zarley Technologies would like to thank the following people:

  • Lt Ethan Nials: Thanks to him, half of the mistakes we made were erased from the page! Also, thanks for the new layout!
  • SkyFireNine: For his council on the Macross III campaign.
  • CptJakeBrown: For his getting me into this RPGing stuff in the first damned place.
  • Natasha Williams: Zander's sister in Fort Worth who is a devoted Macross fan and helped him write the Macross 3 campaign.
  • Please visit Zarley's sister company Omega Technologies

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