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Macross Plus came out in 1994 in Japan and eventually hit huge in North America. Six years later, it's still known as one of the greatest animated movies ever created. Director Sh˘ji Kawamori and Shinichir˘ Watanabe made a stunning masterpiece with some of the greatest animation ever seen, even today's movies can't match the detail and the beautiful images shown in Macross Plus. Based on the popular Japanese series, Robotech Macross, Macross Plus turned out to be a huge sucess worldwide. Combined with great music, some of the best animation and a great storyline, Macross Plus became easily noticed everywhere. This page will contain images, music, sounds, movies, and info on Macross Plus. Any questions/comments? E-mail me. And don't forget to check out my homepage and sign the guestbook while your looking around. Enjoy!  

* Last Updated: July 18th - Episode 2 Video Section Is Now Up With 6 New Clips!!*







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