Luna Moon's Place

*Luna Opens the door*
Oh! hey, thanks for stoppin by, come in and sit down for a minute, 
sorry, but you'll have to settle for a bean bag chair, i haven't moved in to well yet. I plan to put some pictures up, 
and book cases and other things, but first things first....

Next fall, I'll be a sophomore,and I'm taking a basic HTML class,
and I'll probably use this place as a homework page, just to help me 
learn stuff, so bear with me, It'll get better.

So, if you want to get around here, follow the links, and it'll 
show you what i have. Until i can get my Sailor Moon page up and going, 
i've placed a link to Moon Ditz's, who is a cool person in my MB community.
And if you leave instead, thanks for comming, and I hoped you had a nice visit.

Moon Ditz's Sailor Moon page
My message board
Ivy's Geocities Page
This page contains all of the things related to my messageboard
my images section