The Ronin Utopia

Four hundred years ago, the demon lord Talpa invaded Japan, determined to conquer the human world and add it to his demon kingdom, the Dynasty. However, he was barred from completing his evil deed by the powerful Ancient. Defeated, Talpa was banished from the earthly realm, but left behind a suit of armor for his return. The Ancient divided the armor into nine sections- five drawing their power from the five basic elements of nature: fire, earth, life, air, and water, and the remaining four drawing their power from the four seasons. In order to link the armors to humankind for their future wearers, The Ancient created a bond in the five elemental armors using the five Confucian virtues: perfect virtue, justice, wisdom, life force, and trust. The four seasonal armors' bonds were formed using the four Samurai virtues: loyalty, serenity, piety, and obedience. Because the seasonal armors possessed more militant virtues and were more focused around a lord than the other five's virtues of morality in general, Talpa was able to turn them to the side of evil. Now as Talpa senses the growing evil in the human world, he prepares to return and finish his long-delayed conquest. However, The Ancient selects five teenagers: Ryo, Rowen, Sage, Sai and Kento to wear the remaining five armors and become the Ronin Warriors-Earth's last defense against the Dynasty.

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