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Ace!Baby Sweetheart's My Little Pony Tales Pages
Ice Cream Shop - MLPTales Characters' Corner 
Patch!It was sunny morning, and you were really sleepy. When you stood up you were thinking: "Nah, this day will be nothing more than same old..." You made all same morning chores, and then went out. Bus was late, as always. You waited and waited, and then pink and white bus came to bus stop. But you didn't noticed it was pink and white. You sat on your constant seat. Bus left and you were about to sleep again, when someone pushed you. You woke up.
"Sorry", said that someone. "I wasn't mean to push you."
You rubbed your eyes. "This can't be true!" you were thinking. "A pony is talking to me!"
"Who are you?" asked the pony. " name is..."
While you were trying to remember your name, pony talked again. "However, my name is Patch."
"Patch!" you cried. "Aren't you one of those ponies I have seen on TV?!"
"Maybe I am", said pony and smiled.
"After the school I can show you some places."
You waited while Patch and her friends were on the school. And then, at 3.00 PM Patch and all her friends came out and Patch said: "This is my new friend! Let's show her our town!"
"Yes!" answered the rest of the ponies. "Hello to you!"
You went in the bus with Patch and others and when the buss reached the place you remembered very well from the TV, you and all ponies came out of the bus. "Okay, let's go now. This is Ice Cream Shop...", started Patch, showing you the favorite place of her and her friends. You went inside the Shop with ponies, and then little, white unicorn came to view. "Hi, I'm Baby Sweetheart, the keeper of this corner! Welcome, new visitor! I hope you like your visit at our Ice Cream Shop! Have a nice day!"

Last updated: 8/19/2000.
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I opened the "Adopt-A-MLPTales-Character"-section, but right now it's only a small spot on this page..I also added few stories to library. I closed my Message Board, 'cause I've been thinking about get a new one. Hopefully this update is enough for you, dear visitors. ^_~

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