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Hi! Finally here is a more lightharted offering from my part, "Vampire Mischief: Cuentos". Well I know what you're thinking ... "It still about mean vampires!" Yeah there's a lot of that in here. But is more of a kidi-Pokemonic type of Vampirism. My idea was to make it fun ... you know ... take a brake from my more morbid stuff. It features a totaly twisted artwork; kinda experimental.The series follow the platonic life of Petel (who happens to be a vampire kid and his strange and multimillionare friend Alucard. Petel was given a Bouquet of flowers by his gradmother before she died. She told him that it was a magical bouquet, and that it would lead him one day to the love of his life. After meeting "Lucky" (the valiant little guardian of the bouquet), Petel discovers that the bouquet is a Vampire Love-lock. Since his late family were vampires, he like any other young vampire gets a magical bouquet that will lead him to his soulmate. Lucky also explains that in order to uncover thius mistery he must give out flowers to whomever he suspects of being the bouquet-receiver. Those who receive a flower from the bouquet will either turn into guardians of the bouquet or into horrible beasts that he and the guardians will have to battle. Only when one someone with another bouquet returns a flower back will the mistery be uncovered and Petel will be happy forever. Could the receiver be Alucard? Hmmm ... controversial huh? Anyways ... I hope you have a blast with "Cuentos" ... HELP UNCOVER "THE LOVER OF THE FLOWER!

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