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Gundam Wing PBEM Role playing game

Hello, and welcome to, the Gundam Wing Play by email, Role Playing Game. This is a game featuring, everyone's favorite anime, Gundam Wing! I chose to use a PBEM(play by email) over using a chat room (or otherwise) because this will focus on plot and the storyline, therfore, if an important character isn't there, he/she isn't in the game then. That can be a problem. One more thing, This isn't like other PBEMRPG's. We have No Real GM(Game Master) We all Kinda do it. If this ever gets out of control, We will get a GM but for now, Please behave;). so, don't know what Gundam Wing is? Visit the Resources link below to see some info on it. thinking about joining? Go to the joining section to see what you need to do. Want to View some info on some of the main characters? Go to the Characters info, or New characters info for descriptions on made up characters. Please view the rules section. It is very important. Don't know what a PBEM RPG is? Go to Whats a PBEM RPG. Already a member but need to know the symbles we use in the messages? Go to the What to do after you join and "Jargon" section. I think that about raps it up. This site should be updated often so please come back often and check. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or sujestions, I'll be happy to hear about them.

Whats a PBEM RPG?
Character Info
New Character Info
What to do after you join & The Games "Jargon"
The Rules Page