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Lori's Homepage

"Do Right and Fear No one"


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Welcome to my homepage. Let me introduce you to my German Shepherds, past and present..

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Off to the farm!

We enjoy taking the dogs to our farm whenever possible. They love to run and play, and are soon worn out, panting and like to rest under the trees. This is my favorite time with them.  






This is Lakota Dugan. Sadly he passed away due to a stroke or a brain tumor. Dugan was my beloved German Shepherd. He was born Dec. 11th, 1995. When we bought him he had a crook in his tail caused by a mysterious accident. We thought he was still great!! Dugan LOVED to play frisbee and would play for hours. We would camp out occasionally, and Dugan went right along and slept in the tent with us. Dugan also LOVED to take long walks. We would walk early in the morning and then again at night. These walks are what I will always remember best. Dugan and I truly had a close relationship he was everthing to me and saw me through some rough times. When I had to have him put to sleep, I was devestated. But I loved him enough and knew that he was suffering. He will always have a special place in my heart. He will always be remembered in our hearts and will always be loved!







This gorgeous girl here is Shyla at 1 1/2 years old. Shyla was born April 16, 1998
Shyla is of American Show lines. She was a rescue dog that I saw on the Internet, shortly after Max's death. With a lonely pup here (Zak) I thought Shyla was just what he needed. With the much needed help of friends, Shyla was flown to me here in Missouri from a rescue in Tennessee.









Here is Shyla at 22 months old.









This is my boy Zak at 15 months old. Born November 19th, 1998.

Zak is from a local breeder and is of German lines. I also purchased his brother Max, at the same time..but he went to Rainbow Bridge over the summer. I sure do miss him.






 What Zak and Shyla love to do....
Shyla LOVES to torment Zak. She loves to steal his food, water and toys. But they both love this game..and play together all day. They also try to fit into the same crate at night. They would love to sleep in one together, but there just isn't enough room.



These last 2 pictures are headshots of Zak as he matures. The first one on the left was taken at the age of almost 3. The one below is right at the time he turned 2. I think he is filling out nicely.

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