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Welcome! Alright, I know you came here to find out some cool information about Pokémon. Well, I hope to help you out a bit. I've got a bit of info on the Silver and Gold Pokémon. Plus, I've got my pride and joy, the Pics of My Pokémon section. Enjoy your visit!

Site News: Since Pokémon is getting really repetitive, and there's not much to update, I've really let my site go downhill. I'm too busy to upkeep it, so don't expect to get much out of it about new stuff.
Also, our sister site, SpammingSquirtles, is online. Check out the meanest group of Swirve spammers there.

Animé: Ash and company are now battling in the Whirl Islands in the once-again renamed series "Pokémon Master Quest". "Johto League Champions" just didn't stick, did it? Aside from slightly improved battle sequences, "Master Quest" still seems to rotate around the same sappy plotlines, 2-D heroes and bumbling villains. *sigh*

Games: Pokémon: Ruby and Sapphire Versions are in stores now and surprisingly are selling pretty well. Also, Ruby and Sapphire Pinball and Colosseum (like Stadium) are coming! I guess Pokémon isn't as dead as we thought.

Movies: Pokémon 4ever is out on tape and DVD. There will also be a 5th movie released based on the Ruby and Sapphire versions.

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