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tomboy : nausicaa

Claimed // Nausicaa

1 Appearance WonderJunko Miyaji

Weapon || Acolyte's || Sword Mace
sword mace, yo.


Ultra Violence | the Battle Royale fanlisting
Battle Royale is something you have to see to understand. It's
not about the violence in a shallow sense. There still is hope
and there always will be, even if it's only hope.

Circuit | Canti - FLCL
Canti is cool. He seems to be pretty laid-back kinda robot,
which is just what I like. His defining moment has to be when
he lends Kitsurubami a hand after she just got done shooting
at him.

Tomboy | Nausicaa
Nausicaa is quite possably the coolest young woman in
anime/manga. She is calm, courageous, merciful, bold,
generous, etc... Miyazaki deserves a big hand for her.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky Fanlisting | Pazu
Another Miyazaki great. Really a sweet movie, but it doesn't
get enough attention in America. Perhaps now that it's

Anime Moushiide | Nausicaa
Nausicaa again.

One Appearance Wonder | Junko Miyaji
The crazy 6th grade teacher of FLCL fame. It just cracks me
up watching her. She's the only really minor character that
sticks out in my mind, due to her insane actions.

The FLCL Fanlisting | Kitsurubami
FLCL is the finest thing this side of Studio Ghibli. The first
time I watched it, I laughed harder than anything else, with the
exception of Project A-ko VS.

Weapon | Ragnarok Online's Acolyte's Sword Mace
Quite possibly the most exquisite weapon ever crafted. The
Sword Mace combines the functionality of a sword with the
accessability of a mace. When I start playing again, I'm going
to get another one. Now that I think about it, it's a little like
Sword-chucks, yo.

Balance and Ruin | Locke Cole
Final Fantasy VI is the reason we are all here today. If it
weren't for all the fancy-dancy graphics of newer games, FF6
would rule them all. I would love to see a spiffed-up remake
of FF6. I would never need another game again.

Key | Locke x Celes
The pair of Final Fantasy VI. It's the most logical conclusion,
and not a bad one at that. Locke rules. Celes rocks. Good

Otaku | Sasshi Imamiya
Satoshi is pretty cool. I won't spoil anything, which leaves
me with not much to say, other than "nice hat."

Neverending Story | Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yuugi is a classic title. At 52 episodes, it's very long,
but it doesn't let you down like other long shows. Miyaka
and Yui are both awesome and I love Yuu Watase's style.

Virtual | Code Lyoko
What a fantastic show. The first time I watched it, Code
Lyoko instantly became my favorite show on TV. Code
Lyoko is both able to tickle my imagination like when I was a
kid and cater to my dramatic tastes like no other program
can. Cartoon Network gets a lot of credit for picking up this
great French animation.

Blue Pigtails | My Life As A Teenage Robot
This is a fun show. I like the retro styling everything has.
I really like the paint job that the motorcycle mechanics give
Jenny in "The Unwashed."

Imagine That! | Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
Pretty clever. Foster's is original, if nothing else. Hippity
hippity, hoppity hoppity. My tail is quite fluffy, my ears are
quite floppity! I sing and I dance and you can't make me
stoppity! Said funny-bunny to sweet little girl!

Ms. Francis! | Frankie Foster
Green sweatshirt, red hair. It's Christmas all the time!
Foster's would fall apart if it weren't for Frankie. And
apparently she's been there all her life.

Black & White Chaos | Azumanga Daioh
Azumanga Daioh is a jewel in the recent influx of mass-
produced anime and manga. Get it together! Both the anime
and manga are awesome!