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March 12
Hehehe... yes, I do suck. Thank you.:) A few new pictures sprinkled here and there, a new page of my writing, and a link to my livejournal. I'm sorry there's no more new shit than this, but I'm sort of in the middle of this comic-shaped project with my friend and collaborater person. A link to it will be up soon... it's gonna be amazing, trust me. When describing to someone, they summed it up as "Pulp Fiction meets Coming to America". OH yeah.;)

January 17
Fixed the links to the links and contact pages. So sorry, didn't even notice they weren't working. Bah, I suck at life. >.< January 6:

Sorry... truthfully, I have not been drawing much lately. Doodling, hell yeah, but nothing you'd want to see. I've also started oekaking, and I don't suck quite as much as I thought I would. Here are three that came out okay:
Edo Jules Julia and Spike

More art soon, I promise. Maybe even a blog, if I can find ONE person who hasn't already given out their livejournal code. >.<
Toodles. :)

December 5:
Buffy. Been watching like a relgious fanatic. Must.. draw... angsty Spike and Buffy fanart! Nooooo!
Also, you know, been working on my shading of pants. Can ya tell? Aw, you're sweet. :)

News, November 5:
Nothing new, sorry. I'm sorry to say I am totally my school's bitch. BUT, I just had enough energy over the weekend to get really pissed off and start a petition: Play Rejected, Damnit. Sign if you waited all week to see the film, think CN's censorship board is comprised of Nazis, or um... love puppies. Cuddly, whuddly puppies.

I need sleep.

Update, September 12th:
New stuff, everywhere. More stuff coming soon. Sorry about the big honking hiatus.