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This is the character I'm dressin' up as NEXT year... >)






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Dododo, I'm updating! [ 6.23.2K ] Yaay.. It's been so long since I'm always busy with other websites.. I neglect this one.. AnYwhO, lessee... Updates, updates, umum... I dunno wat to update! I know! Fansub stuffs! I gotta take off the page with the prices since I only trade now huh? Well, bye!

Yahoo! [6.11.2K] I, yes you heard correctly, am going to make a new splashpage! All by myself! -beams- Uhm, it might take me awhile... But... Um... Oh well! At least I'm trying! ::sobs::

Anywho... I WANT MORE TRIGUN! Someone trade me for more Trigun.. Pweeaazeee? I want Maximum too.. And more Orphen..

Whee... Updating again. Today is 5.23.2K and it is 10:13 PM CST.. Just wanted to let everyone know there's no more Updates page and I'm chunking the banners! Also, my other page is partially up. Check it out.
The Crying Fire - A Candle For Tasuki
(If someone knows the code to get rid of popups please LMK.)

Alright, big announcement that's important! FANSUB DISTRIBUTION IS CLOSED: I have become a TRADER! Yay! :D Everyone who LOVES me TRADE with me... *_*

Okay-o! Elara's gone poor (yet again), so she's stripping her walls and searching her collections for stuff to SELL! I'm going to try to sell some stuff on eBay, so click here once again to see what I got! ^_^;

As of February 24th, 7:31 CST, 2000, I have my domain email setup! Yes, you can get your very own email address courtesy of me and at:
shunu mail!

We got a new *working* way to get here now too! It's:

Also, we have a button *shimmer* tooz... It sucks, but thas okie!
Otaku You! ^_^

Will you advertise us? x.x; I'm still new at this stuff... So, like, just put up my button thingamabob, so here goes:

<a href=""><img src="" border=1 alt="Otaku You!">

Just c&p the above code onto your website! ^_^x

We ruled at A-Kon! YES! XD ..But we didn't win anything. >\!

Much love to the Otaku,


This page visited times since December 20th, 4:13 PM CST, 1999. Can I hit 5,000 before that date, 2K...? x_x

x_X! JPGs suck ass... Next time I'm putting a BMP here. -.o
^^ Otaku You! ^^