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*****My names Omar, im 19 and I been a mangaholic animeniac for the past 8 years...Ive been drawing it for 3 years now, and I think Im relatively good now, yet still I could use some work! This Page is dedicated to all those people out there who have tried to fly by jumping out the window or have attempted to do a hadou-ken more then once, also, to all those Star Wars Killer fans who have been trying to open canned food by using "The force"!!*****

This place is ALWAYS under development, so it might be temporary down from time to time, also, Im open to new ideas and suggestion you miight have, so if you have any, please, just mail em up to me! Or you can Send me YOUR original Character´s description(s), so I can try sketching them up! I like anything that might keep my hands busy!

Also take a look at my original and Fan anime Art, and tell me what you think of em!




My Original Anime Art Gallery

* Here youll find some of my own creations, and manga characters, you can also critisize and laugh at any of em! (Not too much please... _ _ˇ)




Visitors Art Gallery

* The name says it all! A gallery made specifically to show off your own skills, and receive Tips, suggestions, comments and stuff from myself and fellow visitors and anime fans!




Anime/Manga School

* A small section for those intrested in tips, tricks and general info to learn or improve drawing Anime/manga Style!! If you wanna sumbit you OWN Tips, mail them to me, and ill see that their posted up!






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