I'm so embarassed!


Everyone get ready to pack your bags, DRAS will soon be moving to Tripod for a little more room! Be prepared.

The art on here is mine if you want to use it write me with your url and wait for my ok! Thank you!

Please enter contest for furry art!

Thank you all for the nice e-mails regarding the not so nice e-mail that I had previously recieved. The hand tutorial will be up soon!

UPDATES 07/26/y2k: There is a new fanart up of Kefka from FFVI and a new original drawing of Tera Lynn.

NOTICE: DRAS will soon be moving! Everthing is up at the new site except the beloved TIPS section. Here is a sneek peek of the new site sans tips section. There are some original arts there that are not up here. There is just *so* much room on angelfire.


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