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Anime WinAMP Skins

If you like Anime WinAMP skins, you've come to the right place! Below are skins from some of my all-time favorite Anime, for you to download. Use an unzipping program like PKZIP to extract them to your WinAMP directory. More coming soon, so please bookmark and visit again!

Download Dragon Half skin
Yes, my site mascot has her very own skin!
Download El Hazard skin
This one has alot of modifications, both to the picture and the skin. Where are the buttons? How do you control it? You can't. Nobody controls Ifurita.
Download Slayers skin
Download Utena skin

Download Mononoke Hime skin
Despite the abundance of Mononoke skins on the web these days, I've yet to see one of just Yakkuru!

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