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The REAL Peach Girl!

What is Dancing Blade? It is the first anime made exclusively for video game systems. Unlike many games which only have some anime at the beginning, end, and various parts in the middle, Dancing Blade is a fully animated game which allows the player to decide which scene will be played next based on what choices they make. The story itself is derived from several legends in Japanese folklore. It is about a girl named Momo who was strangely born from a peach. She and her friends set out to discover the truth behind her existence. As far as playing the game, there is no real way to loose or a wrong scene to pick. However, you do need to pick a certain selection of scenes in order to get the "director's cut" which allows you to see the entire episode. There are basicly two episodes in the first game. Each has a seperate ending to it making a total of four for the entire story. You play it from the perspective of the young male character in Momo's group who's name they never really tell you. We'll just refer to him as the "player". He is also Momo's love interest. Each of the endings is determined by which of the four females in the story you paid more attention to as far as what path you took regarding each character. There is also a second game called TEARS OF EDEN. We will eventually get around to reviewing it too. Our production company of Neko-Sama Productions is currently working on a fansub of the first game to be translated into English onto video.