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Konnichiwa, and welcome to my Curse, El Cesto de Papeles, also known as an incredibly poor excuse for a website. Oh well. We cant all be the best, eh? The overall purpose of my web page is to house my adoration of that phenomenon commonly referred to as anime. It is one of the most beautiful and varied art forms ever created, and has ultimately captured my heart. So to show my undying love, I will post up my fan art, fics, manga scans, anime images, and other things revolving around or pertaining to anime in general. Navigation is pretty simple, no brain surgery required! What a revelation! If you have any questions or comments, just e-mail me, kay? Flames will be hysterically laughed at, for is it not obvious enough already my webpage skills are pretty downright crappy? Heh heh. Well, enough chattering on and on. I should strive to be more reserved and quiet, like Marron..

New Additions to El Cesto de Papeles
What s been "tossed in" lately..
Ahh! Cursed flame that burns me! My fanart section.
Manga Scans
My little collection of manga scans.
Like polls about anime & such? Go here!
Anime Lyrics
Cant get that certain anime song out of your head, but have no clue what the words are?
Bishonen Garden!
My little garden full of the bishonens I ve mercilessly caught! Heh heh..*evil grin*
My opinions on particular anime, manga, or games. The only sections up are the BH and Thousand Arms sections. Gomen!
Dedication to the Ocarina Movement
If you didnt think I was insane before, this will definitely convince you.

Yay! It's the guy from ONE PIECE! *sad* Fansubs wa doko desu ka?!

My Anime Album Thingie!
Wanna see weird people as anime characters?! And this is NOT cosplay..
Crumpled Texts
Yep, my Fanfiction. Compiled by that little bishounen, Marron.
Marron s Modeling Career
Yup, you heard me right. This happens when I have WAAAAY too much caffiene.
Big, Blue, and Yummy!
My beloved little web shrine to Muza!! Hee hee!
Proudly managed..? Well, let us say, "sort-of managed" by Gen-chan.
About Me
Why would you wanna go here?
Muza s Japanese Tutorial
Wai, wai! Muza-sama teaches us some basic Japanese!!

Sakura says to sign my Dreambook! Please..

Read my Dreambook!
Sign my Dreambook!

Need to contact me?

You can e-mail me at the above address or at

This page is for anime freaks who are

My thoughts exactly, Gateau..


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