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Welcome to the Circus!

<Cathrine> Wow, some visitors Trowa. Maybe you should go put your shirt on...unless you're planning on visiting Megan that is. ::turns to face the newcomers:: Welcome! If you've come to read the fanfics about us then make yourself at home.

<Trowa> Maybe you should get to know the other Gundam pilots and Circus members first...before reading the stories. You can do just that in the main tent.That section is divided into three sections for convient viewing.

<Cathrine> After you're done there....I bet you're anxious to learn who's with who! Well, we better let you go take a quick peek in the changing tents to learn who's paired up with who. There are also a few couple pics that have been added recently.

<Trowa> After all that you're probably prepared to read the stories. I put them in the back of my truck for safe keepings so that's where you can find them. In addition to the three Love in the Circus stories by Cathrine there is also one story by Megan.

<Cathrine> If you've had your fill on my fanfics, in my coloring chest, you can find a few black and white doujinshi's that I colored in on Adobe. It will soon be updated to include my Winamp skins.

<Trowa> If you want to be informed when important updates are made on the Circus, there is a form that you may use to join the mailing list, it is found at the bottom of this page

Recent Updates

Added to the Links page on July 10th, 2000.

Added two new colored in pictures from Bakeretsu Hunters to the Coloring Chest on July 10th, 2000.

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