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Hello! We are just starting out, so please bear with us! Since we have a lot of people who's interests we want to incorperate into this website, you won't find any pictures or background images yet. As soon as we can talk more and go over what all we want to do, we'll make it pretty for you. ^_^ We are a group of High School students in Cincinnati, Ohio who love anime. If you would like to join, please contact us! There are no club dues, no obligations. Just that you love anime. ^_^ We are an open and friendly bunch.

Who exactly are you?

Where can I find anime and manga in Cincinnati?

Are there club meetings? Can I come if I'm not a member?

What is happening this week?


Instead of putting information about all of us on one huge page that would take forever to download, we've decided to break it up and give everyone their own little section. We're only going to put up ones that have interesting things on them, so there won't be too many to start out with, but as soon as more members have a chance to get on the internet and start working on their page, there will be more stuff!

Anime Conventions in Cincinnati?! (or near it anyway....) More info.

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